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Maxi M-16 Leaf Rake - 16 Inch Pocket

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The Skimlite Maxi M-16 Leaf Rake has a 16 inch pocket, exclusive leafing edge, and rounded protective tubing. The M-16 features an extra large opening for skimming, but the opening closes when you pull it straight back. Regardless if you use the leafing edge or the rounded edge of the protective tubing, the Maxi Series allows debris to float into the pocket with very little effort. When you use the Maxi Leaf Rake like a brush on the bottom of the pool, you can clean even the dirtiest pools easily. Keeping the pocket open will allow you to empty the rake easily.

The Maxi Series pocket stays are sewn into the pocket to create the large opening. This Series also includes the patented pure original plated spring steel design so it will not rust or corrode.

The protective vinyl coating and leafing edge are replaceable. For this series, replacements are done at the factory.

Plus, the leafing edge of the Maxi Series is replaceable and can be done while at the pool.

Skimlite has been making top quality pool maintenance products for over 70 years. The Maxi Leaf Rake is preferred by service professionals across the country.

Product Features

  • Large 16 inch opening for skimming
  • Opening closes when pulled straight back.
  • Will not rust, corrode or break under normal use
  • Equipped with leafing edge
  • Measurements: 11" x 20"

Technical Specifications

Product Category Rakes and Skimmers
Poolweb Item # SLM-16
Cross Reference # M-16
Manufacturer Skimlite
Shipping Weight 3.0 lb