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Break-Away Lanyard

This break-away neck lanyard is 18 inches in length (36 inches total for end to end). This is a safety

Lifeguard Logo Lanyard – 18 Inches

This Lifeguard Lanyard is 18 inches woven with silk screened with “Lifeguard”. They are essential for lifeguards to hold their

Pealess Whistle – Classic 40

The classic 40 is the standard choice for lifeguards, referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals and general safety

Whistle Lanyard – 18 Inches

An economical, medium weight lanyard with metal clip. Measures 18 inches in overall length. Great for lifeguards and coaches.

Whistle Tip Guard

$2.38 $1.29
The Whistle Tip Guard is for the Acme Thunderer Whistle. Made of soft rubber it helps protect your teeth. It

Wrist Flex Coil Lanyard With Ring

Wrist flex coils are made of high quality durable plastic with spring back memory. They are a convenient, flexible and

Wrist Lanyard – Adjustable

$1.85 $0.89
Lifeguard wrist lanyard great for whistles. Strong 9 inch cord that has plastic band to use for adjusting to fit