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Bak-Pak II Spineboard

The Bak-Pak II Spine Immobilization Board was designed by an EMT and constructed by a mechanical engineer with the intention

Bak-Pak Ultra Spineboard

The Bak-Pak Ultra Spineboard is thinner and lighter than most boards weighing only 10 pounds. At only .75 inches thick,

Body Restraint Spineboard Strap – Orange

These body restraint straps fasten like the loop lock with a two-piece plastic swivel speed clip. They are 5 feet

Ferno Head Immobilizer – Red

he Ferno Head Immobilizer has two plastic coated, thick foam head supports, a removable universal base plate, and two durable

Head Immobilizer – Orange

Our orange all purpose Head Immobilizer includes 2 head and chin straps and a base plate that fasten easily to

Head Immobilizer – Red

Our red all purpose Head Immobilizer features two side blocks with wide Velcro closures which allow for a snug fit.

Leg Immobilizer – Red

The Leg Immobilizer does what common straps cannot by securing the patients legs. It is essential for all spineboards. And

Loop Lock Spineboard Strap – Various Colors

Loop Lock Spineboard Straps have a 2 inch poly web with a 2 inch heavy-duty, side release Delran buckle. These

Maxi-Wide Bak-Pak Spineboard

The Maxi-Wide Bak-Pak spineboard is a spinal immobilization constructed of high impact, durable MDPE plastic with a foam core and

Pediatric Spineboard – 44 Inches – Orange

The Pediatric Spineboard features a concave design for perfect child patient centering and less deflection and movement. The board is

Polyethylene Spineboard – 18 x 72 Inches

This spineboard is waterproof and has an AB strong polyethylene hard shell, yet it is lightweight. It has 21 handholds

Polyethylene Spineboard 17 x 72 Inches – Orange

This orange spineboard is made of extremely strong ABS Polyethylene. But this heavy-duty spine immobilizer only weighs 18 pounds and