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Clean Up System II Biohazard Kit

$13.30 $9.50
Our Biohazard Clean-Up Kit provides a quick and efficient method of absorption and disposal of potentially harmful blood and body

Fanny Pack With Guard in Cross – 3 Pocket

Our lifeguard fanny pack is made to withstand the rigorous use by guards at the beach or pool. Ideal to

Guard Fanny Pack With Cross – 3 Pocket

This lifeguard fanny pack has the word GUARD clearly labeled on the front with a cross safety symbol. It is

Head Wedge

$12.01 $8.30
The unique Ambu Head Wedge is designed to immobilize a patient’s head instantly and effectively when placed on a backboard.

Mini Perfit Ace Collar

$21.71 $15.00
The Ambu Mini Perfit ACE provides 12 precise settings for a small adult/child, ensuring a custom fit every time. Size

Perfit Ace Collar

Ambu Perfit ACE is the only adjustable adult one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilization device, with 16 precise settings for a

Protective Face Shield

This protective face shield provides wrap around protection for various situations where the user would need face protection. This shield

Vinyl Exam Gloves (Box of 100)

Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves are ideal for use in environments where the release of powder is undesirable. These ambidextrous powder-free