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Inground Pool Alarm with Remote Receiver PGRM2

$277.67 $0.00
The Poolguard Pool Alarm, once installed in the pool, cannot be deactivated. It is always in the alarm ready mode.

Pool Door Alarm DAPT2

$85.06 $0.00
The Poolguard Door Alarm will sound in 7 seconds when a child opens the door, and the alarm will continue

Pool Door Wireless Alarm DAPTWT

$104.40 $0.00
The Wireless Door Alarm will sound immediately when a child opens the door and will continue to sound if the

Pool Gate Alarm GAPT2

$102.02 $0.00
All pools should be fenced; but the weakest link in the fence is the gate and it should be alarmed.

Pool Patrol Door/Gate Alarm With Remote Receiver GA-30

$147.15 $0.00
The Pool Patrol Gate and Door Alarm with remote receiver (Model GA-30) is a wireless door/gate monitor designed to sound

Pool Patrol Door/Gate Alarm Without Remote GA-25

$125.37 $0.00
The Pool Patrol Door and Gate Alarm without remote (Model GA-25) is designed to sound an alarm before a child

Pool Patrol Pool Alarm Model PA-25 Without Remote

$227.33 $0.00
The Pool Patrol Model PA-25 is designed to sound an alarm at the pool should a child or pet fall

Pool Patrol Pool Alarm Model PA-30 With Remote Receiver

$340.73 $0.00
The Pool Patrol Model PA-30 includes a remote receiver and is designed to sound an alarm when triggered both at

Screen Door Kit for Pool Door Alarms PGSD

$16.33 $0.00
Used with the PoolGuard Door Alarms. Includes: 2 sensors, 4 screws, and 2 wires that lead back to Poolguard Door

Spa Alert – Sound Alarm and LED Lights – NEMA 4X AVPW120CXFTRP

$433.15 $0.00
A Spa Alarm can alert you of a problem immediately. The Spa Alert utilizes both sound and a super bright